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With so many stories involving the same characters, I know it can be a little confusing keeping up with what happens when. It isn't necessary to read the stories in order, though I wouldn't recommend picking up book 5 of The Positions of Love as your first introduction to this world!

For those interested in the chronology of the stories ...

  • The Powers of Love ~ The beginning, where it all starts. Powers: Telepathy, super strength.

  • Foot Fetish ~ It's Valentine's Day, and Matt has a special footjob in mind for Vic (parts of this story were written into Matching Tats so if you've read that one, you're good to go). No powers mentioned.

  • Matching Tats ~ Matt decides he wants a tattoo of Vic's initials to prove his love. New powers: Random generation of tattoos on Vic's skin, accelerated healing ability.

  • The Positions of Love ~ Vic and Matt's first Christmas together. New powers: Teleporation, pheromone manipulation, static electricity discharge.

  • Two Pillars Position ~ Sex in the shower at the gym. New powers: Ability to phase through solid matter.

  • Parking Lot Hero ~ The Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday, wherein Vic saves his landlady from some hoodlums. New powers: Superhuman speed.

  • Clasping Position ~ Valentine's Day. New powers: Pyrotechnic generation (fireworks).

  • Hammock Position ~ Sex in the car, after which Vic rescues a school bus dangling from an overpass. New powers: Telekinesis.

  • Two Dogs Position ~ Doggy style sex and another brush with the police. New powers: Superhuman hearing.

  • Cowboy Position ~ Matt reveals his fetish for food, which Vic patiently indulges. New powers: Heat vision.

  • Kneeling Butterfly Position ~ Sex in the dressing room of a local mall. When a storm knocks out the power, Vic saves the day. New powers: Wind manipulation.

  • Pillar & the Ivy Position ~ Sex in the swimming pool at the gym. New powers: Gills and webbed skin, enhanced swimming ability.

  • Leatherman and Sexy Boy ~ Matt discovers Vic's leather fetish in time to celebrate the big guy's birthday. No powers mentioned.

  • Tripod Position ~ Matt takes Vic to a leather club for his birthday. New powers: Transformation (the ability to change into any substance through touch).

  • Lotus Position ~ The guys go on vacation; sex on the beach isn't just a drink anymore! New powers: Elasticity.

  • The Arc Position ~ Halloween. The power Vic gets dictates his costume to Roxie's party. New powers: Excessive hair growth (Vic thinks it's crappy, too).

  • Sideways Position ~ Thanksgiving. Matt invites Vic home to meet his family. New powers: Ability to understand and speak any language (omni-linguism).

  • The Bonds of Love ~ Matt's first boyfriend, Jordan, shows up again after Vic appears in the paper for thwarting a robbery. New powers: Invincibility, ability to mentally trace a phone connection, extrasensory perception, pyrokinesis.

  • With This Ring ~ When a tabloid article "outs" Matt, a research physician contacts him with a solution to curbing the powers. New powers: Elevated body temperature, superhuman reflexes, flying.

  • Seventh Inning Stretch ~ Vic and Matt abstain from sex to avoid any powers that might help Vic win a charity ballgame. New powers: Super speed.

  • Outage ~ When a winter storm traps Matt and Roxie in an elevator, Vic comes to the rescue. New powers: Electromagnetism.

  • An Evening With the Rush Hour Hero ~ In which Vic is caught on the 6 o'clock news. New powers: Invisibility.

  • Take It Outside ~ It's New Year's, and Matt can't wait until after they get home from Roxie's to get his hands on his lover. This story was expanded into The V in Virtue. No powers mentioned.

  • Turn the Tables ~ Matt lets Vic top him for once. No powers mentioned.

  • The V in Valor ~ Vic and Matt discuss the possibility of getting a pet. New powers: Telemagnetism.

  • The V in Vengeance ~ Matt's car gets vandalized. New powers: Kinetic manipulation, flight.

  • The V in Vigilant ~ Vic comes to the rescue of a handicapped passenger on his bus. New powers: Night Vision.

  • The V in Virtue ~ Vic and Matt celebrate New Year's at Roxie's party. New powers: Distended Physical Abilities, phasing.

  • The V in Vulnerable ~ Matt finds the perfect wedding ring, but before he can buy it, the store is robbed at gunpoint. Vic saves the day. New powers: Duplication abilities.

  • Worst. Power. Ever. ~ Most of the powers Vic gets come in handy, but every now and then, he draws a doozy. New powers: X-Ray Vision.

  • Santa Vic ~ Vic has to don a Santa suit for the office Christmas party. No powers mentioned.

  • No Place Like Home ~ A bad storm sends Matt over the rainbow, and Vic's the only way home. New powers: Shapeshifting abilities.

  • The V in Valentine's ~ Matt's plans for an intimate Valentine's Day dinner are interrupted when a child goes missing. Vic saves the day. New powers: none.

  • Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder ~ Vic and Matt’s tradition to abstain from sex for the week between Christmas and New Year's has Matt frustrated, to say the least. New powers: none.