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Lotus Position

Book 10 of The Positions of Love series

Cover for Book 10: Lotus Position Powers: Elasticity
Length: 8,000 words

ISBN: 9781611520828

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Matt thinks a vacation down the shore would be the perfect toast to the end of summer. When Vic has a few days off from work, the two decide to visit Wildwood, New Jersey, a tourist town Matt used to frequent as a child. Though Vic isn't keen on crowds and would prefer to spend his downtime at home, Matt entices him with the offer of sex on the beach ... and he doesn't mean the drink, either.

However, a moonlit tryst on the sand bestows another strange power on Vic. On the boardwalk, Vic's new ability attracts the attention of a young kid, whose delight at discovering a real-life superhero almost leads to disaster.

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Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

After dinner, Vic turned one of the loveseats around, away from the television-he couldn't imagine they'd be turning that on any time soon, not with the view they had. They cuddled together, a couple of cold beers in hand, and watched the last rays of light dip below the swells of the ocean. The beach took on a wild, windswept beauty as one by one, the people enjoying the sand and surf called it a day. Vic had a nice buzz building inside him, a warm, pleasant feeling brought on by the alcohol and Matt's hand resting on his belt buckle, the palm pressed against the slight erection hardening at his crotch. A half-formed thought wafted through Vic's mind-the two of them nude in the bed, the lights out, the drapes still pulled wide. No one outside would see them in the darkness, but they would be able to watch the sea roil beneath the moonlight as they made love ...

A damp kiss on his chin roused him. He turned to find Matt grinning at him, eyes glistening with anticipation and drink. "I've got a better idea," he said. He caught his lower lip between his teeth as if he couldn't wait to tell Vic what he had in mind.

But when Vic brushed over his lover's thoughts, he just picked up a blur of lust, nothing definite. Even one beer was enough to make Matt horny, and from the look on his face, he was ready to rumble. Vic felt his own libido rise at his lover's desire. Downing the last of his bottle, he asked, "What are you thinking?

The hand on Vic's belt slipped to squeeze his dick through his jeans. "Slip out of these," Matt commanded, "and put on a pair of swim trunks."

"What?" Vic frowned at him. "Why?"

With a shrug, Matt said, "In case you get wet."

"You better get me wet," Vic growled.

Matt laughed. "Come on, play along. Let's start with a walk by the water and see where it leads."

"Back here to this bed," Vic replied. And if that were the case, why not cut out the walk and just get to the loving already?

But Matt shook his head. "It's dark out there. No one will see us ..."

Trailing off, he waited for the implications to sink in Vic. The beach was dark, empty this time of the night, and they would be very much alone ...

::Sex on the beach,:: Matt prodded mentally.

As if goosed, Vic surged to his feet. He tried to play it off with a stretch, but Matt snickered at his eagerness. "What the hell are we waiting for?"


Fallen Angel Reviews: 5 out of 5.
"The descriptions of the scenes on the beach were very hot. The love scene between Matt and Vic is both very erotic and poignant at the same time."

Joyfully Reviewed:
"Vic and Matt have a very romantic and fun vacation. It turns scary when Vic has to save a life causing his powers to be exposed. [This story] has sweet candy, tender romance, hot sex, and the usual Matt and Vic fun!"

Two Lips Reviews: 5 out of 5, with a "heat level" of 1 out of 3.
"This new talent brings much joy and delight to a child that sees Vic’s superpower in action, but doesn’t make Matt or Vic happy."