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Main Characters

Vic BraunsonVic Braunson
A bus driver for the City of Richmond, Virginia, Vic Braunson is an intimidating man. He favors piercings and tattoos (unfortunately, none of the models on iStockPhoto do, so just imagine this big lug is inked and pierced). He prefers the "shaved" look -- the only hair on his body is the goatee that frames his harsh mouth. His fetishes include leather, feet (lucky for him, Matt has large feet he loves to suck), and hard, rough, animalistic anal sex.

Vic didn't have a good childhood. His mother was an alcoholic who died when he was 16; his father was killed a few years later in a knife fight while in prison. Vic's only sibling is a younger sister named Mary, whom Vic last saw when he was a teen.

Vic wants nothing more than to love Matt -- and protect him using the super powers his lover gives him. They share a telepathic bond that allows them to communicate mentally, and Vic now has an unlimited supply of superhuman strength, but other powers come and go depending upon how they have sex (their positions, what they wear, what they think).


Matt diLorenzoMatt diLorenzo
A swim instructor at a local gym, Matt diLorenzo has never had much luck in men until he met Vic. Unfortunately, Matt was dating Vic's coworker Kyle at the time, but when that didn't work out, he hurried to catch up with Vic again. With his black curls and his dark green eyes, Matt's quite the heart-throb, and manages to turn heads whenever he drives his late model Jaguar to the gym and back. He finds food sexy and loves to cook almost as much as he loves to eat.

Matt is an only child. Though his parents live about 20 miles away, he rarely sees them because they spend most of their time on cruises or at timeshares around the world.

For some reason Matt has not yet figured out, his semen gives his sexual partners super powers. He discovered this ability with his first boyfriend, Jordan Dubrowski, but after a bad experience, he swore off sex until he found that special someone ... fortunately, that someone turned out to be Vic.


Secondary Characters

Roxie JohnsonRoxie Johnson

Roxie works as receptionist at the gym where Matt works and Vic works out. Fresh from college, with dyed red hair and a Goth-girl attitude, she's precocious, has a very sharp tongue, and doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. Though she flirts with Matt, she has a soft spot for Vic, and considers both men her friends. Her tastes run to both men and women, and she seems to switch lovers monthly.


Kendra JonesKendra Jones

An officer with the Richmond City police force, Kendra first began to notice Vic in the crowd whenever she was called to the scene of a crime or other newsworthy event. She considered him a superhero of some kind, even before she knew of the powers Matt gives him. She's very proud of the fact that she's on a first-name basis with the man who she hopes might single-handedly save the city. If only she could get him to quit his job and join the force ...


Kyle MunleyKyle Munley

A coworker of Vic's, Kyle is a fun-loving guy who always has to be the life of the party. Unfortunately, his easy banter and quick laugh pisses the hell out of Vic. The fact that he dated Matt first is a point of contention between them, especially since Kyle insists he was the one who hooked Vic and Matt up.Kyle's taste in men runs to whoever is interested in him at the time. His last boyfriend was Jordan, who used him to get to Matt.


Melba KowaleswkyMelba Kowalewsky

Mrs. K owns the apartment building where Vic lives with Matt. A feisty old widow, she lives with a half-dozen cats and curses like a sailor, though most of her phrases are lost on others because they're in Polish. Because Vic helps her with her groceries, she thinks he can do no wrong.