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The Positions of Love

When Matt diLorenzo gives his lover Vic Braunson a copy of the Kama Sutra for Gay Men as a Christmas gift, they find it doubles as a handy reference guide to Vic's super powers. All they have to do is test out the positions to see which one gives him what ability ...

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Review from Alternative Read:
"These are short reads but uplifting and passionate. It is always interesting to find out what powers (good or bad) Snyder will have them experience next.""

Cover for The Positions of Love
The Positions of Love

Cover for Two Pillars Position
Two Pillars Position

Cover for Clasping Position
Clasping Position

Cover for Hammock Position
Hammock Position

Cover for Two Dogs Position
Two Dogs Position

Cover for Cowboy Position
Cowboy Position

Cover for Kneeling Butterfly Position
Kneeling Butterfly Position

Cover for Pillar & the Ivy Position
Pillar & the Ivy Position

Cover for Tripod Position
Tripod Position

Cover for Lotus Position
Lotus Position

Cover for The Arc Position
The Arc Position

Cover for Sideways Position
Sideways Position