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The Positions of Love

Book 1 of The Positions of Love series

Cover for Book 1: The Positions of Love Powers: Teleporation, static electrical & pheromone manipulation
Length: 15,411 words

ISBN: 9781611520491

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Matt and Vic have been living together almost a year now, and this is their first Christmas. Not a big fan of the holiday, Vic is unsure what to buy his lover. Matt gives him two guidelines to go by -- the gift must be under $50, and must be something sexual, because Vic has some time off during the holidays and Matt plans to spend that time together.

When Vicís boss asks him to play Santa at the company Christmas party, Vic wants to say "no." But the enticement of more time off after Christmas -- time heíll be able to spend with Matt -- sweetens the deal. Itís shaping up to be a wonderful holiday season after all ... if he can only find the perfect present for his lover.

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Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

This would be their first Christmas together. Last year this time they had been friends, Matt hesitant to trust Vic more and Vic biding his time until Matt let him in. Even then, they had been moving toward a deeper relationship, one they didn't consummate until after midnight on New Year's Day. Three months later, the day after his thirty-fifth birthday, Matt announced he was moving into Vic's apartment. They had been inseparable since.

Though he's likely to leave me if I fuck up Christmas. The thought turned Vic's stomach, and he craned his neck, trying to look beyond the cars ahead of him to see what the problem was. In the left hand lane, traffic moved at a sluggish pace, but the cars in front of Vic didn't even budge. If only I were over there ...

A nasty jolt shook him. For a second, Vic thought maybe he'd been rear-ended-his whole body surged forward as if jerked ahead. As the windshield rushed at him, he threw his hands in front of his face, shielding it. Motherfucker --

But he never hit the glass.

And suddenly someone beside him yelled, "Shit!"

Lowering his arms, Vic glanced around. He no longer sat in his own car-he was in the passenger seat of someone else's. The driver next to him was an older fellow, Indian, with dark skin and wide, staring eyes that eclipsed his face. "What are you doing here?" he yelled. "Where did you come from?"

Good questions. Vic turned to look out the window and saw his car, now empty, several vehicles back in the right lane. How the hell did he wind up here? And how was he supposed to get back without making a scene? "Hey!" the driver yelled beside him. "I'm talking to you."

"Then shut up," Vic growled, trying to think. It had to be another one of Matt's strange gifts. Why buy me something for Christmas? he thought wryly. Look what all you've given me so far. Super strength, telepathy, and now this. Vic had wished he could be in the left lane and poof! Suddenly he was, albeit in someone else's car. So how did he get back to his own? Maybe if he just thought about it ...

That jolt came again, this time from the front, as if he'd been hit by a deploying airbag. Vic closed his eyes, swallowed the bile that rose in the back of his throat, and hoped he stopped in the right car. What exactly was this power called? The ability to think of a place and appear there instantly. He wondered if maybe he shouldn't start reading comic books again to learn more.

As the nausea passed, Vic opened one eye, cautious. He was in the right car, sitting in his own driver seat. With trembling hands, he put the car into gear, then maneuvered out of traffic onto the shoulder of the road. Some idiot drove up behind him, perhaps thinking he'd go around everyone else, but Vic ignored the horn that honked at him. Cutting off the engine, he flicked on his hazards and took a few deep breaths in an effort to calm himself.

Okay. So he could now ... what? Teleport?


Fallen Angel Reviews: 4 out of 5.
"Vic can never tell what will happen next with the powers he gets from Matt, but he loves Matt enough to look toward the future he wants with Matt. The love between Matt and Vic is wonderful to watch as it develops between them."

Joyfully Reviewed:
"From teleportation to sex on the dining room table, Matt and Vicís latest adventures in The Positions of Love are fun and hot!"

Literary Nymphs Reviews: 3 out of 5.
"This is another enjoyable saga of Matt and Vic."

Rainbow Reviews: 4 out of 5.
"I highly recommend this book to all erotica lovers, romance lovers, and superhero freaks. I can't wait to see how his superpowers manifest themselves in future installments."

Reader Review by Elisa Rolle.
"Of all the short stories about Matt and Vic I have read, I think this one is my preferred. And it opens wonderfully a series which seems to be very interesting. I can't wait to read more."

The Romance Studio: 5 out of 5.
"Snyder pens a great romance between two men who seem to be opposites in so many ways. But, in the ways that are most important to any couple, their differences complement one another. The eroticism between them is torrid reading with dialogue that makes it more fun."

Two Lips Reviews: 5 out of 5, with a "heat level" of 1 out of 3.
"A wonderful read by J.M. Snyder ... I couldnít wait to see what the outcome would be from other positions and luckily just had to read the next book in this series to answer my questions. I definitely think you should check out ... this series -- you will be glad you did!"