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Hammock Position

Book 4 of The Positions of Love series

Cover for Book 4: Hammock Position Powers: Telekinesis
Length: 7,862 words

ISBN: 9781611520538

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Spring is in the air, and Matt diLorenzo convinces his lover Vic Braunson to join him for a little "rest and relaxation" on the sunny banks of the James River. What's more enticing than sex on the rocks by the river's famous rapids?

But going home, a crazy driver cuts Vic off on the interstate, then runs a school bus full of children off the overpass. Vic and Matt watch in horror as the bus dangles above them.

Will Vic's latest unintentional superpower be enough to help rescue the kids?

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Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

The first day the temperature rose above sixty degrees, Matt suggested they head downtown along the James River. "It'll be fun," he promised Vic. "It's still early enough that no one else will be around, you know? We'll stop for lunch somewhere and make a day of it. What do you say?"

What could Vic say? Matt was his heart and soul, and he'd do whatever it took to make that man happy. Seeing Matt's smile was enough to set his blood afire. And if the weather proved a little too chilly down along the banks of the James, Vic could think of a few ways they might warm each other up.

Vic dressed in an old pair of light denim jeans and a long-sleeved thermal undershirt, over which he wore a faded blue sweatshirt with the sleeves ripped off. Matt liked the color on him -- "It matches your eyes," he said as he sat on the bed, pulling on a pair of wooly socks. When Vic came close enough, Matt kissed the back of his lover's hand. "Change of plans. Let's stay here and have sex instead."

With a laugh, Vic ran his hand through the thick thatch of black curls that topped Matt's head. "Let's take the lube and fuck on the rocks," he suggested.

Matt's dark green eyes went wide. "You don't think it'll be too cold?"

An undercurrent of lustful excitement laced his thoughts. Through the mental connection they shared, Vic picked up on his interest like a hound on a scent. Trying to keep his voice nonchalant, he shrugged and added, "We could always take a blanket."

Without argument, Matt surged to his feet and yanked the comforter off their neatly made bed. "Hell yeah. You about ready yet, or what?"


Fallen Angel Reviews: 5 angels out of 5.
"Vic never wanted these powers, but his love for Matt is stronger than any power he could ever receive. Matt knows the powers he gives Vic can cause difficulties, but he also knows that Vic is the only man strong enough, in character and physic, to handle them for the benefit of others."

Joyfully Reviewed:
"Just as hot and fun as the rest of the stories in the Positions of Love series but it has a serious edge too. It’s a great addition."

Reader Review by Elisa Rolle.
"Since this series started, Vic is little by little coming out as a real superhero. What it was only a game between Vic and Matt, now starts to be something bigger and that puts Vic under the eye of the media."

Two Lips Reviews: 4˝ out of 5, with a "heat level" of 1˝ out of 3.
"This book was different, but in a good way, as it shows that his powers can be used to help others - they don’t just have to be a hilarious side effect. I liked that -- it showed Vic and Matt that the powers may be frustrating at times but in the long run they’re worthwhile to have."