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V Box Set

Cover for V Box Set ISBN: ebook 9781634862042
print 9781468137668

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The sudden appearance of superpowers might transform most mild-mannered men into egomaniacs with visions of grandeur. Fortunately, Vic Braunson isn’t most men. His powers come from his lover, Matt diLorenzo, and Vic refuses to let the abilities control or change him.

But even he can't stop the powers from enhancing who he is. These five stories explore different aspects of Vic's personality that are brought out by his superpowers.

The stories in this collection are available separately as e-books, but are only available in print in this single-author paperback collection. Contains the stories:

Cover for V: The V in Valor
The V in Valor
Cover for V: The V in Vengeance
The V in Vengeance
Cover for V: The V in Vigilant
The V in Vigilant
Cover for V: The V in Virtue
The V in Virtue
Cover for V: The V in Vulnerable
The V in Vulnerable
Cover for V: The V in Valentine's
The V in Valentine's

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